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Maxitint ID Rooftop Triangles

Maxitint Reflective Triangles are a brilliant way to help keep track of your fleet! Our triangles are lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to install and remove. Each ID Triangle includes easy-to-read, super reflective, custom-made call signs made specifically with your machine ID.

We offer two different attachment options designed to meet your needs:

Maybe a drop-down?


Our Magnetic design is an innovative and ultra-easy option that allows for quick removal for transport. To remove, simply lift the triangle off the magnetic attachments with a slight uppercut under one corner. All magnets are designed and calibrated to ensure a firm hold to your cab. Each magnetic triangle includes base plates with anti-slip rings. We recommend our magnetic option for slow-moving machines such as excavators and graders.

Threaded Bolt Down

Our Threaded bolt-down design is an ultra-secure option. The triangle is secured to the cab by three corner bolts. Ideal for vibrating, fast-moving machinery or machines that encounter low-hanging tree limbs. We recommend this option for articulated trucks, front-end loaders and vibrating rollers.

Hassle free instillation

Our effective urethane installation system is simple, quick and easy to follow. We include step-by-step YouTube video instructions with every purchase; these instructions are a must-watch and essential to your installation's success. Suitable for metal and hard plastic rooftops.


After initial installation, removal is quick and straightforward. Weighing just 9.5kg, our triangles are the ultimate solution for machinery that is often being moved by road transport.

Made to last

Our triangles are made from HDPE materials, ensuring a tough, rust-free product designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

Fast, Easy Shipping

We ship daily and offer Australia Post express on all our Maxitint ID Rooftop Triangles anywhere in Australia.

Product specifications

ID Rooftop Triangle:

Weight 9.5kg

Made from HDPE

Call sign:

370mm H x 600mm W (to suite 300mm H digits)

Made from high tac vinyl and 3M Diamond Grade class 1 fluro tape

Maxitint Custom Reflective Striping and ID Kit

With our Maxitint custom reflective striping and ID kit, not only will you be seen, but you will have a machine that truly reflects your company! We custom print your company logo in black ink onto our highly reflective striping and pre-cut to your specific machine requirements. Our reflective IDs include your logo as a background watermark and your machine number in class 1 reflective fluro. Each kit includes custom reflective striping, custom reflective ID, and a detailed application guide.

Highest Quality Materials

We only use the best materials that are proven to last. Our striping is made from 3M Diamond Grade class 1, edge-sealed fluro tape. Our Heavy-duty, hard-wearing ID numbers are high tac and made to withstand harsh conditions within the earth-moving environment.

Cost Effective and Fast Installation

We do the hard work for you! Forget spending all day measuring, cutting and installing striping. Our striping is pre-cut specifically for your machine to ensure a quick and easy self-installation. Our detailed application guides are clear and include pictures to provide you with all the information you need for optimal positioning for your stripes. All stripes are numbered and clearly marked to match our application guide. Save time and money by choosing Maxitint Custom Reflective Striping and ID Kit.

Product specifications


50mm wide

Made from 3M Diamond Grade class 1, edge-sealed fluro tape

Reflective ID:

Sized to suit your specific machine

Made from 3M Diamond Grade class 1 fluro tape and quality high tack vinyl.

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